Have you ever been involved in a discussion that is so engaging you did not want it to end? One where the comments were so explosive and entertaining that you could not decide whether you should chime in and speak your mind, or continue to be intrigued by the thoughts of others. A discourse that takes place on multiple levels of being very playful and humorous, to deep and thought-provoking. Whether you have never experienced this before, or desperately longing for it again, I want to introduce you to The Tequila Tales.

The Tequila Tales is a highly engaging and fully interactive discussion about love and relationships. This is NOT your typical panel where you sit and listen to “experts” tell you how you should live your lives. At The Tequila Tales we ALL have a story to tell so the audience becomes the show. The discussion is moderated by the “know-it-all” Isaac Paul. Each month a provoking topic is selected and the audience weighs in by sharing their stories and experiences. The backdrop for the conversation is a comfy and panache restaurant lounge. Adding libations to the discourse infuses a degree of candor that guarantees a dynamic discussion.

Join us and quickly discover what you have been missing. Words cannot describe this event; it must be experienced. You owe it to yourself to try something different.