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July 2015

Fellatio Or Nah

The Britt Blog
Fellatio or Nah
Written by Brittney Stinson

Having sex incorporates many different things that make it not just an act but also an experience. There are many things that can be done during sex to create that certain experience that you and your partner are ultimately looking to attain. For example, people who are into BDSM are looking for props to help simulate a more aggressive experience. Outside of those adventurous individuals, there are others who enjoy your everyday soft porn encounter where everything is very structured, and there are no traces of any “accessories” to aid in the experience. Then you have your in-betweeners. These people are not down for everything, but they are looking for an experience worth having. So basically, you can convince these people into experimenting if they believe there will be a payoff.

In summation, everyone has different needs and wants they believe will make their sexual experience worthwhile. Even with this needing and wanting various things, there is one thread of commonality… We all want head! That’s right, you read correctly: We all WANT head!! We all want it, but many of us are not willing to give it. But why? There are many women and men who feel like giving head during sex is more of a privilege than something that comes with the territory of having sex. Then you have the extremists who feel like they are above giving their partner that experience so it is 100% not an option for them. Then here we go again with our possible in-betweeners. These people have given head before but are stingy with the head and ration it out like food stamps. Again, I ask why? Why is head not something that comes with having sex? Why is giving head something that’s frowned upon? And furthermore, why is it not expected?

To further illustrate the scenario, let’s say you are a guy. You are seriously laying pipe. You are in it full throttle. She is clearly enjoying herself. Do you upon switching positions bless her with some fellatio? Or, since she’s already enjoying what you are giving her, do you skip over it and continue with the next motioned position?

Or in the same vein, let’s say you are a woman. You are giving him that good that is normally reserved for anniversaries and special occasions. You get ready to switch positions and the thought crosses your mind. Do you stop and bless him with your skills? Or do you say to yourself, “Nah, not today”?

I’m not trying to start any ish, just giving you some food for thought!

Fellatio or Nah? 😉




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