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September 2015

My Girlfriend Needs To Workout!

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What is the best way to suggest that my girlfriend hit the gym?

To properly answer this question a few assumptions must be made from the top:

1. You are most likely a big fan of UFC because you relish a good fight.
2. You have extra disposable income you’ve been dying to exhaust on makeup gifts.
3. This need to “hit the gym” is a result of serious poundage that was packed AFTER you got together.
4. You yourself are inarguably in good shape.

Ok, let’s be real, no one loves to be the victim of the old “bait and switch”, however, addressing ANY area of improvement in a relationship is delicate, so talking about weight must be handled like the King’s china. My mother once gave me some advice about delivering unflattering news to a woman I cared for, and the basic gist was a compassionate way of telling me “you’re screwed”. But in this instance I believe the solution lies somewhere in your actions. I suggest you tackle this obstacle in stealth stages.

1. Start a dialogue about concern for personal general health.
2. Pivot into a desire to spend more “quality time” with your boo (women eat this up ALL the time, even when they know it’s bait).
3. Throw out a few activities you could possibly do together, and casually bring up working out as a couple.
4. Circle back around to working out and get really excited at all the benefits to you both. Increased health, more energy, motivating one another to be better.

If you follow those steps, and you are sincere in your desire to mutually become better this will work like a charm. However, if your plan was to watch her toil to become more sexy while you watch every sport on ESPN and smash beers, don’t be surprised when you’re thanked later for preparing your girlfriend for her new MCM.

The Know It All
Isaac Paul

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