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January 2016

the Meek shall inherit the earth…


the Meek shall inherit the earth…
Written by Isaac Paul

Let me begin this by stating that I am not a hater.

So with that being said you already know I am about to take a few laps in a reservoir of uninhibited hater-aid. But I am certain that as I do so, many of you may feel inclined to dip your toe in this pond and exercise your muscles as well.

I have seen a growing trend of “over-sharing” relationship bliss on social media. And I am not talking about a shared photo with you and your boo. I am referring to those folks that inundate your timelines with the most grotesque displays of puppy love. The ones who decide to have what I would consider to be private and borderline intimate conversations in public threads.

We have all seen the conversation take place in real time.

“Hey lover, I can’t wait to see you later this evening”

“I can’t wait to see you tonight either. I am going to pick up a movie so we can have a netflix and chill night”

“OMG you are so awesome. I am the luckiest woman in the world”

You have no idea how much even typing that just now made my stomach hurt. Like, I am quite literally the furthest thing from a thug and I feel like I need to go kill a few kittens to pull my system back to equilibrium. I cannot even imagine being in a relationship with someone who felt the need to engage me in this way. This is most likely the couple that wears the same outfit when they go out to social events.

So beyond the obvious of it being so incredibly sappy, I think the reason I find it off putting is because it feels a little disingenuous. If it were about a pure expression of love it would be tolerable. But underneath these public displays of affection I sense something a bit sinister.

While it appears that we are catching an innocent glimpse into how glorious this relationship is, the fact that it was intentionally held publicly means that there was a hidden agenda. Similar to the guy who conducts his VERY IMPORTANT business discussion in a crowded Starbucks via phone needs you to hear him emphasize “50 THOUSAND DOLLARS”, is the same way that these “love birds” need you to see their love. Because like the old adage states, if a person falls in love, but no one is there to like or comment on it, does it make a sound?

Beyond the desire for attention, the reason that this trend annoys me is because it feels like an attempt to make others feel inadequate who do not have a relationship. And while I am not suggesting that everyone share their expressions of adoration in the same manner, and I am also aware that we all have different love languages, I have a difficult time separating the “over-sharer” from the photo of Meek Mill holding a stack of money up to his ear to reinforce how “good God has been to him.” Are you really trying to inspire me with your story of overcoming the odds, or are you just stuntin on these hoes?

MM With Money


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