A Shot Of O

July 2015

Too Busy Or Not Interested?

“A Shot of O” 
Too Busy Or Not Interested?
Written by Omar Jones

If you don’t want a broke man, you’re going to have to put up with a busy man.
(This same meme is circulating for women as well.)

Soooooooo… let me start by calling this statement bullsh*t.


Simple, because no one is that busy where they are so tied up ruling the world to spend time with a person of interest. Unfortunately we are a generation of shitty daters. We cancel last minute, send people off, and sometimes are just afraid to say we are not interested. This is a new way of stringing someone along without the full commitment. It’s basically saying, “I like you a little bit, but not enough to commit where you think you are the one.”

(Insert disclaimer) If you are an astronaut you get a pass.

Trust me, I too am just as guilty. I’ve known guys who have juggled 2 jobs and multiple women and still had time for the main person they wanted a future with. On the other hand, a girlfriend of mine who claimed to always be busy, didn’t have a job or go to school, always told this one guy she was too busy. Let’s face it, we are just a full of crap generation and afraid to commit. That’s because deep down inside we feel we might miss out on something better.

So are you too busy or just not interested?




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